English Bulldog Bad Breath

Why, all of a sudden, does my EB have the worst breath?

Antiseptic bulldog dental bundle

He is 4y old, his breath stinks, it had never been that way before and we have not changed his diet.


I checked his mouth, teeth, and gums but they look ok. We have not changed is food.


Should I have his teeth clean? Will changing the diet help, and should I start him on those hard dental bones?


Thanks Jay

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 3 years ago

Answer for English Bulldog Bad Breath

Hi Jay, I am missing important information, such as:

  • AGE: The age of your bulldog
  • DURATION: for how long have you noticed the smell?
  • DR EXAM: Did your vet conduct an oral exam?
    • swelling
    • discharge
    • redness of the gums
    • reduced appetite.

Answer for English Bulldog Bad Breath: Dr. EXAM

Typically, it is recommended to perform a comprehensive physical examination, including an oral examination.

A proper oral exam might require anesthesia

The examiner will note:

  • Teeth and gums Discoloration
  • Decay, tarter, and plaque
  • Abscess formation
  • Mass and tumors.

Answer for English Bulldog Bad Breath TESTS

STEM 1: A general screening blood test and urine analysis should be taken to help determine the underlying disease.

STEP 2: in addition to the above screening test, you should ask for an ESG before conducting an exam under anesthesia

STEP 3: In addition to a thorough oral exam, dental X-rays should be taken

The combined oral exam and dental radiographs should help rule out

  • Access
  • Broken teeth
  • Decay
  • Lose Teeth
  • Tumors
  • Infected roots
  • Lytic bone
  • Subgingival Hair

bulldog Dental disease therapeutic Bundle


The bad smell could also be due to gastric reflux.

Some bulldogs eat feces, their own poop or others, naturally, their breath will reflect that

Answer for English Bulldog Bad Breath PREVENT & TREAT:

Dental prophy bully therapeutics:


For gastric reflux:

probiotics for french bulldog megaesophagus and GERD


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