Risks Rewards of Neutering a senior Bulldog and French Bulldog

My English bulldog is 6 1/2 years old. I am trying to learn about the pros and cons of getting him neutered. He tries to hump some people and dogs.

My #1 worry is anesthesia at this age.

  • Would it help him with the behavior or not?
  • Is it worth it or too risky?

Thank you for any advice!

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 7 months ago

Answer to the Risks and Rewards of Neutering a Senior Bulldog

Dear Visitor, It’s a great and timely question. Please note that I already addressed bulldog and French bulldog neutering pros and cons in a few articles as well as in other Q&A.

You can use the search box to see the list (write “neuter”). Here is a summary:


Risk Rewards of Neutering an Older Bulldog Benefits:

Here are a few benefits to consider:


Bulldog neutering might help with unwanted behavioral issues like the ones you described, especially when done before sexual maturity (puberty).

Neutering might help his behavioral problems, but you will likely need to implement other nonsurgical modalities.


Bulldog neutering can help avoid or reduce a number of medical problems

  • Prolapsed Urethra
  • Sexual Disease
  • Testicular Tumors
  • Perianal Tumors
  • Prostatic Diseases
    • Bulldog Prostate Hyperplasia
    • Bulldog Prostatitis
    • Bulldog Prostatic Cancer
      Bulldog Prostatic Cysts

Neutering Bulldog and French Bulldog RISKS:

There are no likely risks other than anesthesia


If your bully is in good health and all the recommended pre-anesthesia tests were conducted, the risks are not necessarily much higher than those of a young bulldog.

Please review my articles that address bulldog and French bulldog anesthesia, HERE

It comes down to a RISKS vs REWARDS 

Answer for Neutering a Senior Bulldog and French Bulldog TIPS & WARNINGS:

A few Dr. Kraemer bully must-know tips and warnings:

Bulldog Neutering ULTIMATE AGE TIP

To get most of the cost and risks taken, I usually recommend getting it done together with other age-related electives such as:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Deep-ear cleaning
  • Nail trim for bulldogs who refuse to have it done awake
  • Anal gland express and flush (for chronically impacted cases)
    Mass removals

Bulldog Senior Neutering STEM CELL THERAPY TIP:

As mentioned above, you can combine neutering with other recommended electives, including harvesting stem cells for immediate or future stem cell therapy treatments.

Bulldog Senior Neutering MINIMAL TIME TIP

Neutering is a very fast procedure (10–15 minutes), easy, and has a low chance of any non-anesthesia complications

Bulldog Senior Neutering  BOAS WARNING:

Make sure that your bulldog is not suffering from any of the brachycephalic syndrome conditions.

If he does, have it/them repaired before or at the same time with the neutering.

Bulldog Senior Neutering BEHAVIOR WARNING:

Neutering will not always fix or improve behavioral problems. At times, a consultation should be scheduled with a certified behaviorist.

There is no harm in trying first-line therapeutic supplements for behavioral problems

Bulldog hemp relaxOther times, prescription anti-anxiety medication might be required.

Bulldog Senior Neutering MEDICAL TEAM WARNING:

Regardless of your bulldog’s age, the key to uneventful bulldog anesthesia is an experienced bulldog veterinarian and medical team.

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