Does my Bulldog Need Soft Palate Surgery

ASK DR. KRAEMERCategory: Palate Surgery for BulldogsDoes my Bulldog Need Soft Palate Surgery
Dr. Kraemer Staff asked 5 years ago

Does My Bulldog Need Soft Palate Surgery

Does My Bulldog Need Soft Palate Surgery: I have need reading your website, thank you for being so informative, I only wish you all were on the east coast instead of the west.

Do you happen to have any colleagues on the east coast ?

I have a big baby 2.5 yr old English bulldog who I’m unsure if he needs the palate surgery.  He does snore and pant some when active but breathes very well over all
I am in central VA and have a great local vet but she is not a bully specialist and I’m very nervous about him going under
He is scheduled to be neutered and have this palate surgery next week.

Thank you for any insight or suggestions


Does My Bulldog Need Soft Palate SurgeryDoes My Bulldog Need Soft Palate Surgery

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Dr. Kraemer Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Cindy, snoring (stertor) is not the same as stridor. Panting is ok and normal. Please watch the video on my website with the volume up to hear what stridor ( air flow abnormal sound) due to palate obstruction sounds like. It should get worse during excitement and exercise. The definitive diagnostic is a visual one and can only be done under sedation.

  1. Make sure your vet is versed in bulldog anesthetic protocol, induction and recovery
  2. Make sure your vet is familiar is bulldog laryngeal anatomy (palate, saccules, etc)
  3. Make sure your vet is experienced with the surgery.
  4. Last, if needed it should be done before or during the neutering. Elective surgery should not be done with out correcting elongated palate and the other brachycephalic syndrome conditions first

I posted before & after photos for you. note the elongated palate blockage of the laryngeal opening and blown up tonsils (pre op) and next to it the post up wide opening to the larynx

Best of luck
Dr. Kraemer Vetr4Bulldog