Bulldog Wrinkles Infection

hi Doctor
My bulldog puppy has bulldog wrinkles infection in many areas all year long

I live in the Middle East near the Persian gulf, it’s usually very hot and very humid. The Dr. gave me antibiotics and some bulldog wrinkle cream but it’s not helping him. I’m not sure how the cleaning of his nose ropes works, and we don’t have a bulldog Dr. here where we live.

bulldog entropion due to excessive skinfolds

Bulldog Wrinkles Infection YEST INFECTION

His bulldog wrinkles infection is spreading. It started as a face fold infection and then spread to his nose ropes and now the infection at his nose rope looks very red and the wrinkles are painful red and smell bad.

I’m not sure what is it? I read on the internet that when they become black color and smelly it’s called bulldog wrinkle yeast infection.

I don’t know what to do, is there a treatment or bulldog wrinkle medicine? Is there a way to prevent a nose ropes yeast infection? maybe a way you recommend cleaning them?

Bulldog Wrinkles Infection ANTISEPTIC WIPES

I see that you have in your store something called “V4B bulldog antiseptic skin fold XL wipes” products, do you ship them to the Middle East? Are bulldog antiseptic skinfold wipes also good for bulldog wrinkles and bulldog nose ropes or those are different?

I am desperate, how can i stop the infection from spreading? his nose is now so painful red and itchy.

Thank you, Doctor

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 2 years ago

Bulldog Wrinkles Infection and Nose Rope Answer

The medical term for “infected bulldog wrinkles” and/or “bulldog infected nose ropes” is bulldog skinfold moist dermatitis.

Bulldog puppies can develop wrinkles and infectionss in multiple sites, not just the nose rope and facial folds.

Bulldog infected wrinkle is called “Bulldog Skinfold Moist Dermatitis


The most common ones are your bulldogs.

  • Face (facial folds)
  • Nose (“nose rope”)
  • Tail (tail pocket, tail corkscrew)
  • Toes and Interdigital
  • Female Vaginal Folds (vaginal folds and hooded vulva)

Bulldog Infected Nose Rope MAIN CAUSE

A significant number of bulldogs experience an abundance of skin folds and nose skin ropes, stemming from their distinctive anatomy and regrettable patterns of selective breeding.


The accumulation of moisture, humidity, and dampness within those folds creates an ideal breeding and incubation environment for bacteria and yeast organisms, potentially leading to infections.

In regions with warm climates and high humidity, bulldog wrinkle infections are more likely to worsen.

An infection in the bulldog’s wrinkle and nose rope can result in

  • pain and discomfort
  • itching
  • redness
  • discoloration
  • foul odor

French Bulldog nose Skin Fold Dermatitis

Bulldog Wrinkles Infection PREVENTION AND CARE 

The key to bulldog skinfold preventive care is to minimize moisture and dampness.

Keeping your bulldog wrinkles dry will prevent infection and inflammation.


For most English bulldog puppies and French bulldog puppies wrinkles, daily cleaning with skinfold antiseptic wipes is sufficient as both preventive and long-term maintenance.
We offer a

The V4B Bully Antiseptic XL Wipe is our  most popular product

Bulldog Skinfolds infection bundle - Ultimate

Other bulldog wrinkle nonprescription topical therapeutic prevention and treatment products we offer are:Nose rope infection in English bulldog puppy

  • Bully Wrinkle Antiseptic Rinse
  • Bully Wrinkle Antiseptic Spray
  • Bully Wrinkle Antiseptic Lotion


To manage inflammation and itching in the wrinkles and aid in the repair of the compromised skin barrier, utilize the mentioned antiseptic topicals for bulldog skin folds in conjunction with our therapeutic supplements.


Prescription medication is rarely needed.

The bulldog wrinkle and nose rope problems are not just temporary problems but rather lifelong conditions that require lifelong management and care.

WARNING: Long use of prescription medications is likely to lead to adverse unwanted effects thus should be discharged and limited.

English Bulldog Antiseptic XL skinfold Wipes Handout



Severe tail pockets and vaginal wrinkles (folds and hoods) often require surgical repair. The tail is removed, and the hooded vulva and folds are pulled and cosmetically “stretched” to help “air out” the area.

Answer for Bulldog Wrinkles Infection: TIPS & WARNINGS

Bulldog Wrinkle “DEEP WIPING” TIP:

Make sure to reach deep into the wrinkles, rope, crevices, and folds

Bulldog wrinkle BUSTER COLLAR:

You might need to use a collar at times when your bulldog is very itchy and/or painful until the area heals to help avoid self-trauma.

Bulldog wrinkle wiping HOW FREQUENCY:

Mild bulldog wrinkles can be wiped weekly, biweekly, or moderately daily, and severe bulldog skinfold dermatitis might require proper wiping twice daily.


Bulldog Nose Rope TRAMUA WARNING:

Negated wrinkles and nose rope can become painful and itchy, leading to pawing and rubbing. This can cause further irritation or serious injury to surrounding structures, like the eyes.

Bulldog Skinfolds  UTI WARNING:

Neglecting vaginal wrinkles can lead to infected fold dermatitis that can ascend into the urinary tract and cause chronic cystitis and urinary tract infections.

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