Supplements & Bulldogs
(must know and untold secrets)

Supplements, Bulldogs & The “Do No Harm” Rules

Dr. Kraemer V4B Recovery Gel For Post Op and Sick Dogs

Dr. Kraemer V4B Recovery Gel For Post Op and Sick Dogs

1. OTC & Supplements: Supplements and other products that are sold over the counter (OTC)  are not FDA regulated. Thus, one should always question the validity of the products medical and health claims as well as the advertised content, serving recommendations, and supplement “Facts”.

2. Labels & Purity: Both the claims found on product labels as well as the purity of the supplements themselves are unknown factors.

3. Bioavailability (i.e. a fraction of the ingested dose that is absorbed): Even when advertised for pets,  you must question the supplement ability to be fully processed, digested, absorbed and utilized by your pet digestive tract. A supplement that is bioavaliable to a human is not necessarily suitable to a pet.

4. Contaminant:  One would hope that the pet supplement production line, raw material and packaging are inspected and protected from dangerous contaminates (“Do No Harm” rule).

5. Manufacture Facility Safety: Always check the supplement label for safety data and the dosage of intended use, and check for a manufacturer’s certificate assuring you their facility is” FDA approved”.

6.  Manufacture “NASC” Membership and CGMP standard:  Always verify that the  pet supplement manufacture are members of the National Animal Supplement Council ( and that the product was made under strict  cGMP standard (current good manufacturing practice) .

The V4B Bulldog private label line are a wide range of  essential “Bulldog Maintenance” products and supplements. All the V4Bulldog labeled products are tailor-made  for your bulldog, each with its own colored, printable, detailed instructions and product information ”take home” pet owner handout. Most importantly, as with any paid services on this site, any time you purchase any of our V4B Bulldog private label products or supplement “10% must go to our Not4Profit Bulldog-Rescue”.