Bulldog Arthritis

Arthritis and Arthritic Pain in Bulldogs

Arthritis and Arthritic Pain in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs in English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, is a progressive, degenerative disease that gets worse with the passage of time.

Arthritis affects the smooth, articular cartilage of your bulldog’s joints the one responsible for protecting the joint’s bony surface and allowing your bulldog’s joints to move and bend without pain.

Arthritic pain is due to inflammation of one or more joints, also commonly known as Osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease (DJD).

Arthritis and arthritic pain in bulldogs osteoarthritis

Arthritis and Arthritic Pain in Bulldogs CAUSE:

When the cartilage of your bulldog joint becomes injured and worn down, the bone loses its protection. The exposed denuded articulating bone surfaces begin rubbing against each other during activities such as walks, stair climbing, and playing, resulting in pathology many of you know as “bone on bone”,  inflammation, and pain.

As pain increases, your bulldog’s will and ability to move, and exercise decreases.

 Arthritis and Arthritic Pain in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs MAIN FACTORS:

There are many factors that can lead to arthritis in bulldogs. Some of these factors include:

Arthritis and Arthritic Pain in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs PREVENTION:

Bulldog and Fr. bulldog arthritis can be prevented, eased, and managed by:

  • WEIGHT CONTROL: lean body weight
  • EXERCISES: low-impact activities like swimming and off-road walks for muscle tone and bone strength.


Preventing your bulldog puppy from arthritic conditions can often be achieved with non-prescription therapeutic supplements.

EARLY START: Bulldog arthritis prevention success requires that you start the supplements early, as early as a few months old

LIFE LONG: in addition to the early start, prevention and maintenance success require that you continue to control weight, and provide quality diet and supplementation.

Therapeutic bully supplements can help slow down the joint degenerative process and manage pain

bulldog fish oil immune join skin

Bulldog and Fr. Bulldog Arthritis & Pain PRESENTATION

Bulldogs and French Bulldogs suffering from arthritis and arthritic pain will generally display noticeable signs.

These signs/symptoms include:

  • SWELL & HEAT: Swollen warm joints
  • LIMP: Lameness & abnormal gate
  • MUSCLE ATROPHY: Muscle disuse atrophy.
  • CRACKS: Sometimes a noticeable cracking sound when the affected joint(s) are in motion.

The earlier your bulldog’s arthritis is treated, the greater their chances for a full recovery of motion in the joints.

 Arthritis and Arthritic pain in Bulldogs hip dysplasia

Bulldog and Fr. bulldog Arthritis & Pain Prescription RX

NSAID: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and analgesics are often prescribed, they are similar to asperin but safer.

ANALGESICS: like gabapentin can help with mild pain. Tramadol is also often used though it’s not a true analgesic, it affects the mood, not pain.

Dr. Kraemer’s Arthritis and Pain in Bulldogs TIPS & WARNINGS:


Bulldog Arthritis Tip #1 OBESITY:

Bulldog and Fr. bulldog arthritic pain can be treated in multiple ways and depends on the severity of the case and the age of your bulldog.

Obesity is a large factor in the progression of arthritis, putting your bulldog on a special veterinary-recommended nutritional diet to promote weight loss, as well as proper and moderate exercise, can be very helpful.

Bulldog Arthritis & Pain Tip #2 NEW AGE MODALITIES:

I now offer non-pharmaceutical treatment modalities that treat inflammation and pain and are highly effective, low-cost, non-invasive, and pain-free with no adverse effects. These modalities include

These non-invasive procedures are highly beneficial because they are not harmful to your pet and offer a long-term solution to the suffering and pain that can come with arthritis.

bulldog stem cell therapy

Bulldog Arthritis & Pain Tip #3 STEM CELL THERAPY:

Stem cell therapy is a cutting-edge regenerative medicine technology that uses your pet’s own healthy natural repair cells to regenerate the cells in an affected area.

This self-healing, anti-inflammatory, pain relief treatment is called Stem Cell Therapy and it can also be stored for future treatments (Cryobanking)


Bulldog Arthritis Warning#1 STEROIDS:

Some veterinarians recommend treating advanced arthritis and arthritic pain in bulldogs and other pets with corticosteroids (Prednisone).

These drugs may provide temporary pain relief, but have many potential unwanted, long-term, adverse effects.

There are safer, (preferably non-steroidal) anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs for managing chronic arthritis and arthritic pain relief.

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*This guide was compiled courtesy of Dr. Kraemer, a “MUST READ” manual for any current or future bully owner.