Bulldog Intestinal Obstruction

By: Dr. Roy Kraemer |
DVM, Bulldog Specialist Veterinarian

If your pet is having issues eating or is vomiting, be careful; he might have an intestinal obstruction and may need assistance as soon as possible.

The Story of Ralphie

Ralphie came to SCBR in Feb 2015 after several months of weight loss and vomiting. He was in critical condition, just skin and bones.

Dr. Kraemer discovered several foreign objects in his intestines: a hard circular piece of plastic the size of a pacifier and several pieces of wire that had penetrated his bowel and were sticking out.

Dr. Kraemer performed a resection and anastomosis, where part of the intestine was surgically removed because the segment of his small intestine was ischemic, necrotizing and starting to perforate.

Ralphie made a rapid recovery and was adopted into a loving family…

In October, Ralphie’s adoptive parents called SCBR again after a long bout of vomiting.

Ralphie’s x-ray showed that he swallowed a rubber gasket (from swimming goggles). The ring got stuck at the junction of his small and large intestines, and things were just about to go very bad (the wall of that segment was dying off).

Dr. Kraemer conducted immediate surgery, and the object was once again successfully removed.

Ralphie was released back to his family…

Ralphie is recovering well at home.

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