Donna Robinson asked 5 months ago

Bulldog Tail Pocket Maintenance

Bulldog Tail Pocket Maintenance: Hello, we are currently trying to get our routine down with cleaning our bulldog’s tail pocket. This is our third bulldog but our first experience with tail pocket issues.

The vet says it is not infected, but it is VERY stinky and she gets little brown smelly spots on our blankets and we have not found an effective cleaning routine. There is so much advice out there that it has become confusing – ugh! Now that I have read your website, I feel like I can narrow it down to 2 products – a more effective rinse and then a protective barrier for the moisture (we currently have just a chlorhexidine rinse).

A couple of questions – would the use aquaphor be effective for the moisture barrier? That is what we use for many skin ailments and it is also used for baby diaper rash. I am going to order your rinse and make our own “wipes” – I see that daily cleaning is recommended. In the beginning, should I (would it be safe) to use the rinse twice a day until we get the odor under control? Or just stick to a consistent daily routine? We are committed to any routine necessary, just want some good sound advice on what will be safe as well as EFFECTIVE. Fortunately, she does not seem to be sore at this point nor does it appear to bother her – except when she leaves her smell/brown stuff she tends to sniff and lick it (sorry not trying to be gross).

Thank you in advance for your additional help! Your website is WONDERFUL!

Bulldog Tail Pocket Maintenance

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Dr. R.J. Kraemer Staff answered 5 months ago

Dear Dana
Bulldog and French bulldog Tail Skin Fold Moist Dermatitis is common to the breed. Other common skin fold bulldog maintenance locations are the face, nose, toes, vaginal and neck. I have 4 Different V4B skin fold products which provide the essentials for fold maintenance. They provide triple play care by including antibacterial, anti-fungal (yeast) and a patented  skin barrier protector called Phytosphingosine
Phytosphingosine  is the pioneer in the restoration of the skin lipid barrier (Skin Cement). and helps regulate epidermal growth.  

  • PS helps Allergic dermatitis by restoring the skin barrier and decreases inflammation.
  • PS controls Skin Bacterial infections and yeast overgrowth
  • PS helps with kerato-seborrheic disorders
  • PS restores the skin barrier, regulates epidermal growth and keratinocytes production

The V4B Skin fold Lotion is ideal for the hairy areas like skin folds of the neck, top part of the tail (upper tail fold dermatitis) and interdigital / paw.

The V4B Skin Fold Spray is ideal for dermal/skin surface dermatitis and difficult to reach areas

The V4B Skin Fold  Wipe is ideal for folds such as the face, nose, tail, vaginal and toes

Last, the V4B Skin Fold  Rinse can be used for soaking of the toes (dilute with water) but most importantly is can be used as a low-cost wipe preparation. All you will need is a jar and gauze. Place the gauze in the jar and add the rinse, don’t soak just dampen them, and you no have the “Dr. Kraemer” perfect homemade bulldog and French bulldog skin fold wipe.

Skin folds cleaning should be done daily, when severe the area can be sealed with medicated ointment or powder, otherwise, you can even use baby diaper rash cream.

Good Luck
Dr. Kraemer Vet4Bulldog

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