1.5 year old English bulldog with very loose hip joints 

Dr. Kraemer we hope you can help me, I live in Corning NY and have been sadly watching my English bulldog puppy (1.5) struggle to walk at times and sometimes need to scoot around on her bottom to move about.


It came on pretty suddenly. We enjoyed a year of daily 1 mile long walks… and then I noticed her limping after a kennel stay in early December.


fter several visits to our vet and a few days of pain meds, I finally convinced our local vet to do xrays. The xrays looked good but she could feel how loose her hip joints were when she was under anesthesia. She said she could almost completely manipulate them out of the sockets.

bulldog hip subluxation

We are working towards weight loss and pain management.


I still feel her pain is too great to have her walk much each day….Cornell U. can’t get me in until late March.

Any suggestions on who I can see in this area sooner or more things I can do with her?

She is my little love, and I would like to help her feel better sooner than later.


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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 6 years ago

Answer for English bulldog with very loose hip joints

Dear Bridget,

I was saddened to learn about the unfortunate situation with your English bulldog puppy.

It appears there may be some inconsistencies in the narrative. Conditions such as hip laxity, subluxation, and even total luxation are not uncommon in English bulldogs. However, it is highly unusual for these issues to manifest clinically in the manner you’ve described.

Scooting Bulldog with Loose Joints

The behavior of “scooting around on her bottom” is a cause for concern and is unlikely to be related to loose hips.

The identification of a “loose hip joint” by your veterinarian is probably an incidental discovery and not connected to the observed behavior.

I suggest requesting your vet perform spinal and knee radiographs and ensuring that they are evaluated by a board-certified radiologist.

Bulldog with Loose Joints or A BACK PROBLEM

Unfortunately, this is more likely neurological due to conditions like

severe kyphosis vertebral malformation in French bulldog

For those conditions, I suggest that you consult a board-certified neurologist.

MRI is likely going to be required

Bulldogs with Loose Joints or Other Orthopedic Conditions:

Other rule-outs could be orthopedic conditions that are more consistent with limping and a bulldog who is reluctant to walk to his or her hind legs. Examples are

  • ACL Injuries
  • MPL Luxation
  • Arthritis

ACL bulldog normal vs abnormal

Answer for English bulldog with very loose hip joints PAIN RX

Have you explored any pain management medications or therapeutic supplements to alleviate your bulldog’s discomfort? If so, could you please provide details on what treatments were prescribed and how your pet responded to them?

Have there been any noticeable improvements with any of the treatments administered?

Bulldog Arthritis Low Cost BundleYou are welcome to send me the reports, images, and medical notes

Good luck, and keep me posted

Dr. Kraemer, Vet4Bulldog

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