English Bulldog Bleeding Prolapse Urethra

Hi Dr. Kraemer

my English bulldog has a prolapsed urethra and is bleeding a lot. He was given anti-inflammatory meds and antibiotics and I was told to give them to him for a week before further measures are taken, like surgery.

bulldog bloody prolapsed urethra before surgery

If he does need surgery, I am concerned because neither of the vets I have taken him to have ever done this surgery and don’t seem very familiar with the breed. Is there anyone you could refer me to near New Mexico? I’m not sure where to take him or what to do.

Raz & “Gordo”




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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 6 years ago

Answer for Bulldog Bleeding Prolapse Urethra Repair Options

Dear Mr. Luzon

Bulldog Prolapse Urethra / ANTIBOTICS:

Usually, there is no need for antibiotics for bulldog prolapse urethra; it’s not an infectious condition.

Prolapse Urethra / TESTS:

You can ask for a urine analysis and, if needed, a urine culture, but they are likely to come back negative.

Answer for Bulldog Bleeding Prolapse Urethra SURGICAL OPTIONS

Postponing bulldog prolapse urethra repair has no benefit other than the hope the bleeding and degree of prolapse are minimal and delaying surgery will not make the situation worse.


Given that bulldog prolapsed urethra is a condition specific to bulldogs, it’s crucial to recognize that only a few veterinarians may possess the expertise to address it effectively.

Consequently, there’s a heightened risk of re-prolapse or even worsening of the condition if not handled correctly.


Unfortunately, the number of times it can be done is limited due to its proximity to the os penis (penis bone).

If it’s a mild case, I would only pexy.

prolapsed bulldog urethra before surgery repair


Pexy refers to surgical fixation or anchoring.

In the case of urethral prolapse, the prolapsed tissue is grabbed in a few locations, pulled back into it penial normal position, and secured with a suture a few inches away from the tip.

The benefits of pexy procedure over amputation

  • It is atraumatic with minimal bleeding
  • Very quick (takes minutes)
  • Less expensive
  • Reduces the chances for post-op complications
  • Rapid healing

Surically Repaired bulldog prolapse urethra

Bulldog Prolapse Urethra / Castration

Bulldog prolapsed urethra cases should be neutered and if they suffer from the elongated palate and stenotic naris make sure it’s all repaired at the same time (they all impact the odds for re-prolapsing)

Prolapse Bleeding Urethra Preventive Therapeutic Supplements

You can use several Dr. Kraemer’s V4B bully supplements for this condition as preventive care


bulldog Urinary Bundle - UltimateGood luck,  Dr. Kraemer & the Vet4Bulldog Team

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