Vomiting French Bulldog Hello there from Fairbanks, Alaska where Potato needs help.

ASK DR. KRAEMERCategory: Palate Surgery for BulldogsVomiting French Bulldog Hello there from Fairbanks, Alaska where Potato needs help.
Roy-k Staff asked 5 years ago

Vomiting French Bulldog

Good morning Dr. Kraemer and greetings from Fairbanks, Alaska where the current temperature is 30 below.  We purchased our little french bulldog “Potato” aka. “Po” from the states this past summer in July when I was completing a clinical placement for graduate school.  Now 8 months old, he is happy as a clam in Alaska (as the cool climate suits him well and he actually loves hopping around in the snow like a little fox).  The only problem is…he vomits multiple times a day.  He vomits up most frequently after he has water (less frequently when he drinks small amounts from his rabbit feeder and almost 100% of the time when he drinks from his big brother’s (a german shepherd) elevated bowl.  He throws up frequently after he’s eaten food, and he throws up almost consistently when he’s being a wild little man and ripping around the house “zooming.”  99% of the time his vomit has food in it (as he NEVER chews his food).  He snores occasionally, but not all the time.  We have VERY few french bulldogs anywhere close to our area and upon asking our agility community and calling around I can’t seem to locate anyone who has much experience with the brachycephalic syndrome.  We have family in Southern California (and are always looking for an excuse to get out of the darkness and into the sun), so potentially seeing you is not out of the question.  I’m just wondering if you think it sounds like he might have stenotic nares or an elongated soft palate.  I am also wondering if we absolutely have to get a referral from our “primary vet” (who he has literally only seen once) to be seen by you or if we can request an appointment without.  I know it’s impossible to determine his condition on this platform (haha though it does appear as though you are an expert), but I at least enclosed a picture I just took of his sleeping face (showing his tiny little nose holes).  I thank you so much for your time and look forward to your response.
With gratitude,
Marissa J. Williams and Potato

Vomiting French Bulldog Potato aka Po from Alaska

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Roy-k Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Marissa and greetings to our Alaska community
Stenotic Nares in French Bulldogs is common and can be diagnosed easily. In contrast, the other brachycephalic syndrome conditions like elongated soft palate, laryngeal problems, hypoplastic trachea, etc. are usually diagnosed under sedation or/and with radiographs. Po has a severe pinched nose (Stenotic Nares) that is clearly noted in the photo you attached that should be corrected. In addition, radiographs both plain and barium/contrast (to r/o hiatal hernia) should be taken. You can send me a video of his breathing during activity, I might be able to detect audible stridor. Please come and see me on your next visit, we would love to meet the notorious Po the Alaskan Frenchie. In the meantime, you need to avoid aspiration (inhalation pneumonia). Read my notes regarding feeding, diet, and medication (anti-reflux, anti-vomiting)

Dr. Kraemer Vet4Bulldog