Seasonal Flank Alopecia

Flank Alopecia Seasonal Baldness in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

Bulldog Flank Alopecia Seasonal Baldness is often associated with a shorter period of sunlight due to the changing of the season.

Bulldog Flank Alopecia Seasonal Baldness CAUSE:

This seasonal effect is thought to be influenced by melatonin and prolactin hormone production, which may also be associated with follicular hormone receptors localized in your bulldog’s flank area.

The reduced sunlight exposure affects your bulldog hair follicles, thus slowing or stopping their hair growth.

Bulldog Seasonal Flank Alopecia 5 X MUST KNOW

  1. Flank alopecia is unique to bulldogs, it’s painless, sterile, and non-itchy.
  2. The seasonal effect is likely due to sunlight and its effect on melatonin.
  3. Melatonin supplementation is often recommended but is not likely to help.
  4. Management includes sunlight and supplements but some dogs do not improve.
  5. Skin Health Prevention & Care includes Dr. Kraemer’s Affordable Skin & Coat Bundles 

Members of this bulldog community prefer prevention over RX

Bulldog Flank Alopecia Seasonal Baldness in Bulldogs

Flank Alopecia Seasonal Baldness in Bulldogs / AGE FACTOR

Bulldog flank non-itchy hair loss is not common to the young, the condition is usually seen as your bulldog matures, during adulthood and mid-age.

Bulldog puppies are rarely affected by flank alopecia.

Flank Alopecia Seasonal Baldness in Bulldogs / APPEARANCE:

Most bulldog seasonal baldness results in hyperpigmented, black, or dark coat color, that patchy pigmented baldness is usually irregular in appearance.

Often the patterns present on both flanks with a similar balding appearances.

Bulldog Non-Itchy Flank Baldness/ SEASONAL:

Some bulldogs will stay bald indefinitely, regardless of the season, despite light exposure, and/or melatonin supplementation.

Other bulldogs may regrow their hair others might only have partial regrowth.

Not every bulldog flank baldness is seasonal or cyclical.

bulldog flank alopecia

Flank Alopecia Seasonal Baldness in Bulldogs / DIAGNOSIS

In most cases, bulldog flank alopecia is diagnosed based on:

  • HISTORY (indoors, winter non-sunny season)

Other diagnostics:

  • DTM (fungal culture)

In contrast to bulldog allergies and bulldog pyoderma, bulldog flank alopecia is usually NOT ITCHY.

Flank Alopecia Seasonal Baldness in Bulldogs PREVENTION 

It is considered a cosmetic skin condition and is not generally associated with a medical problem, thus Rx is not required.

Flank Alopecia Seasonal Baldness in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs bundle

Bulldog Flank Hair Loss LIGHT & SUNLIGHT:

Exposure to sun and light can often reverse the condition, hair will grow back, and often the skin discoloration will also resolve

Bulldog and French bulldog flank alopecia seasonal baldness often improves with light exposure

Flank Alopecia in Bulldogs and French bulldogs MELATONIN

If you are compelled to do something, you can try a melatonin supplement.

English bulldog flank Alopecia seasonal baldness

Bulldog Flank Alopecia THERAPEUTIC TOPICALS:

Topical Skin Care Treatment includes:

  1.  Therapeutic Bully waterless gels & lotions
  2. Soothing  & antiseptic Therapeutic Shampoos Baths
  3. Therapeutic Bully Skin Spray
  4. Therapeutic Bully Skin Conditioners.


Skin Care Therapeutic Supplements include:

  1.  Bully Fish oil Omega EFA Skin-Immune-Joint Chews.
  2.  Bully Immune Boosting & Support

Members of this community prefer prevention over RX

Bulldog Flank Alopecia Seasonal Baldness TIPS & WARNINGS

Bulldog Seasonal Alopecia DR.KRAEMER’S TIPS:

Bulldog Flank Alopecia MELATONIN:

Melatonin is a hormone that affects photoperiodic functions and can sometimes be effective in preventing bulldog seasonal baldness.

Oral melatonin is safe and inexpensive; 6 mg twice daily is advised for an average-sized bulldog, usually until the hair grows back.

Bulldog Flank Alopecia TIME: 

Even with sunlight and melatonin hair growth may take a few months.

Bulldog seasonal Baldness SUNLIGHT:

In most bulldogs, the hair will regrow with sunlight exposure.

However, in some bulldogs and French bulldogs, the hair regrowth might skip a year, and sometimes the hair never completely regrows.

English Bulldog Flank Seasonal Baldness

Bulldog Seasonal Alopecia DR.KRAEMER’S WARNINGS;

Bulldog Flank Alopecia OTHER SKIN DISEASE:

Some other non- or minimal itching, bilateral, symmetrical alopecia can mimic bulldog flank alopecia seasonal baldness.

There are other common causes of seasonal and non-seasonal hair baldness and darkening of the skin in bulldogs that might including the flanks.

You should not assume that they are all “bulldog flank seasonal baldness”. It’s best that you consult your veterinarian in those cases.

Examples of other medical conditions associated with baldness and skin darkening are:

Skin scraping, cytology, and cultures can help with the definitive diagnosis when needed.

Bulldog seasonal flank alopecia fish oil

Flank Alopecia in Bulldogs Dr. Kraemer’s FINAL ADVICE:

It is worthwhile and safe to initiate a topical skincare treatment and administer skin supplements until you are able to see your veterinarian and establish a definitive diagnosis.

“An Ounce of PREVENTIVES is Worth a Pound of CURE”

Bulldog Flank Alopecia and baldness in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs store

*This guide was compiled courtesy of Dr. Kraemer, a “must-read” manual for any current or future bully owner