Urinary Stones In Bulldogs And French Bulldogs

By: Dr. Roy Kraemer |
DVM, Bulldog Specialist Veterinarian

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs most commonly occur in the bladder, but they can also be found in other urinary tract locations, such as your bulldog’s kidneys, ureters, and/or urethra.

Bulldog Urinary Stones are often described in the medical literature as “bulldog urinary calculi” and/or “bulldog urinary uroliths”.


UROLITHIASIS refers to the formation of stones (calculi or uroliths) in the urinary tract.

There are many types of urinary stones, but the ones most associated with bulldogs are:

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs cystine
  • OTHERS: Struvite, Calcium Oxalate

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs CAUSE:

  1. DIET: such as diets with excess minerals and proteins, diets impacting urine PH, and diets impacting hydration.
  2. WATER: A lack of water can lead to mineral/crystal oversaturation which will speed up stone formation.
  3. GENETICS: Urate and Cystine Stones in bulldogs have genetic origins.
  4. INFECTION: Bacterial infections can lead to urinary stones (Struvite).
  5. CONGENITAL DEFECTS: such as ectopic ureter, and kidney dysplasia.
  6. METABOLIC DISEASE: such as excess calcium, as in the case of parathyroid gland disease.

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and Fr. Bulldogs PRESENTATION:

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs urethrostomy surgery
  • INCONTINENCE: pee accidents.
  • FREQUENCY: frequent urination.
  • STRAIN: painful straining when voiding.
  • BLOOD: hematuria, blood in the urine, red urine.
  • THICK, DISTENDED ABDOMEN, UNABLE TO PEE: in the event of complete blockage (more common to male bulldogs).

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs DIAGNOSIS:

  1. URINE ANALYSIS: including urine PH, white blood cells, bacteria, crystals, etc.
  2. URINE CULTURE: bacteria type and ideal antibiotics.
  3. BLOOD TEST: kidney function and blood count, etc.
  4. IMAGING: radiographs & ultrasounds are the most common.
  5. STONE ANALYSIS: tests that determine the stone type.

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs bladder surgery

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs TREATMENT:

  • RX DIET: Depending on the stone type, diet helps to reduce offensive minerals and/or proteins, and improve PH and hydration.
  • WATER: Proper hydration helps to dilute the urine and prevent supersaturating.
  • ANTIBIOTICS: when a bacterial infection is detected.
  • PAIN RX: analgesics to manage pain.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Anti-inflammatories such as NSAIDs


PAIN RELIEF: like Dr. Kraemer’s

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: EFA Omega 3 and Glucosamine, like Dr. Kraemer’s

ANTI-BACTERIAL: Like Dr. Kraemer’s

TOPICALS (Bully Antiseptic Wipes): For female bulldog’s proper hygiene and UTI prevention, clean the virginal fold with antiseptic wipes, such as Dr. Kraemer’s


Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs urinary supplement
  • Laser Therapy
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • PEMT


  • Cystotomy: The incision of the bladder usually for stone removal.
  • Urethrotomy: Incision of the urethra, usually for stone removal.
  • Urethrostomy: Incision of the urethra, with a permanent opening to help future stones come out with normal urination.
  • Vaginoplasty: Cosmetic stretching of the vaginal folds to help prevent moist dermatitis that can lead to recurrent UTIs.

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs PREVENTION:

  1. FOLLOW-UP: urine analysis and imaging.
  2. HYDRATION: ample water and moist food.
  3. PRESCRIPTION DIETS: to help prevent and dissolve urinary stones.
  4. SUPPLEMENTS: Dr. Kraemer’s Urinary Supplements Formulas and Bundles.
  5. SKIN FOLD CARE: vaginal folds wiping with Dr. Kraemer’s V4B Bully Skin-Fold Antiseptic XL Wipes.

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs TIPS & WARNINGS

Dr. Kraemer’s Bulldog Urinary Stones TIPS:

Urinary Stones Tip #1 WATER ACCESS:

Drinking sufficient water will help with normal urination and prevent supersaturating and stone formation.

To help improve the water intake, you can mix low-salt broth with water, make ice cubes, and add one daily to your bulldog’s water dish.

Bulldog Urinary Stones Tip #2 CANNED FOOD:

Canned food has more moisture than dry food, which will help in the same manner as above by increasing water intake.Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs ultrasound

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs Tip #3 RX DIETS:

Adhere to your veterinarian’s recommendations for stone dissolution and prevention.

Feed a low protein diet like Pro Plan HA or Hills UR for urate and cystine stones and an acidifying low mineral diet like Pro Plan UR for struvite and calcium oxalates.


At times, supplements can help prevent and/or control urinary tract problems.

Dr. Kraemer provides economical bully bundles for those conditions.

You can also use the Vet4Bulldog “bully problem” filter to help match urinary conditions with bundles and products.

Urinary Stones Tip #5 FEMALE HYGIENE:

Many female bulldogs suffer from vaginal fold dermatitis. Proper daily hygiene with wipes, like Dr. Kraemer’s

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs radiographs

Bulldog Urinary Stones Tip #6 IMAGING:

Your bully might exhibit the same clinical signs with either a stone or UTI. Therefore, I recommend that you take radiographs and/or an ultrasound of your bully’s abdomen, in addition to urine, to help rule out urethral, bladder, ureter, and/or kidney stones.

Urinary Stones Tip #7 CULTURE & SENSITIVITY:

Urine analysis is not adequate for ruling out bacterial infections (UTI).

A culture and antibiotic sensitivity test should be combined with it to determine the bacteria type and best antibiotic combination.

Dr. Kraemer’s Bulldog Urinary Stones WARNINGS:

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs Warning #1 BACTERIA RESISTANCE:

Bacteria can defend themselves by adhering to your bulldog’s bladder wall and forming a biofilm. There are various natural supplements, such as extracts, like


If your male dog was diagnosed with stones in the bladder and/or urethra, you should consider a permanent urethrostomy instead of just a cystotomy (opening the bladder) and/or urethrotomy (opening the urethra).

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs calculi

A urethrostomy provides for a permanent “stoma” (opening) usually at the scrotal area

A urethrotomy is just a temporary opening to allow the stone removal.

Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Urinary Stones  Warning #3 STONE RECURRENCE:

The reason for my recommendation is due to the high odds of those stones being a genetic type (cystine and urates).

Those types of stones are likely to recur despite your best effort. In those cases, you will once again face a possible blockage, anesthesia, and emergency surgery. Many veterinarians do not bring up those odds to their customers, which is unfortunate.

I have been consulted on countless cases with stone recurrence only months after the first surgery. Some owners can not afford a second surgery and emergency treatment and are forced to surrender their dogs to rescue.

Bulldog Urinary Stones Warning #4 EXPERIENCE:

If you opt for urethrostomy, make sure that the vet performing the surgery is experienced with the breed and procedure. If not done correctly, the opening can close or strictures might form.

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs Warning #5 BLEEDING:

Post-op, there will be some bleeding from the surgical site. It’s best to keep your dog hospitalized and/or sedated for a few days.

Bulldogs and French Bulldogs URETHROSTOMY FINAL NOTE:

I have done many of these surgeries, several on dogs that already had multiple cystotomies and urethrostomies.

All of them did well and lived a normal life with no major complications.

They very quickly learn how to pee with the new opening (a few leg wettings may occur in the beginning). There are times that owners can see a stone coming right out of that hole when they pee, and even if one gets stuck, it’s very easy to flush out.Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs urethrostomy

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and Fr. Bulldogs MONITORING:

It’s critical to monitor the urine for PH, crystals, infection, etc., a few times a year and take radiographs every 6 months as a preventive measure.

An Ounce of PREVENTION Is Worth A Pound Of CURE

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