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Hi Dr. Kraemer from Erine the bully puppy Mom🐾

Ernie is our 4-month-old pup! Last Sunday (June 30th) his eye started to look a little red, and by Monday it was extremely goopy (greenish yellow), so we thought it might have been pink eye.

bulldog puppy red third eyelid and cherry


On Tuesday the vet did a dye test to check for any break in the tissue or ulceration, and there was none.


They prescribed us Tobradex and some lubricating drops to administer and said to call them back on Friday (today Jul 5th) if it doesn’t get any better.

We saw some improvement by Wednesday, but his eye has now reverted back to red and swollen. His eye is a bit crusty and he is pawing at it regularly.

It’s not showing as the classic popped cherry eye so we’re wondering if it might be something else?

Many thanks in advance❤️

Ernie the bulldog puppy red eye and cherry

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 6 days ago

Answer for Bulldog Puppy Inflamed Eye and Gland

Dear Natasha,

High five to handsome Ernie! 🐾

Thank you for providing the images. It appears as though the redness is predominantly localized to  Ernie’s third eyelid.


The nictitating membrane is a protective shield over Ernie’s eye, it provides:

  • OXYGEN & NEUTIRENT: it is rich in blood vessels
  • DEFENCE: lymphatic tissue to fight infection
  • LUBRICATION & IMMUNITY: tear gland for eye lubrication and immunity.

Bulldog third eyelid hosting the cherry eye gland


The glandular structure is commonly known as the “cherry,” and when it prolapses from under the third eyelid, it’s called the “cherry eye.

Bulldog Cherry Eye👁️ 🍒

bulldog cherry eye surgery repair

I suspect that there may be some foreign material under the lid (an extreme example would be a foxtail) that the third eyelid is reacting against, causing inflammation, redness, and irritation.

It could also be infected, which is often associated with a green-yellow thick discharge like the type you mentioned.


Other causes could be deficient tear production (KCS), blocked ducts, lymphatic issues, etc.

  Have your vet test for tear production (Schirmer tear test).


In addition, to the ulcer test you mentioned, I recommend that your vet place a topical anesthetic and flip over the third eyelid to examine the inner parts (I use magnification and proper Illumination).

If necessary, your vet can also take a culture and cytology.

bulldog unilateral cherry eye


Regardless of the problem, place a protective buster collar on Ernie ASAP.

Rubbing and scratching of the eye can end badly (see HERE).

To learn more about cherry eye and other bulldog eye problems, click HERE.

Bulldog Eyes Ophthalmic Ultimate Bundle

Good luck! Please send us updates and photos.
Dr. Kraemer, Vet4Bulldog 👨‍⚕️

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