Can My French Bulldog Puppy Eat Chicken?

Hello Dr, Kraemer!

My wife and I have a 7-month-old Frenchy named Stitch. We were told by the breeder that French bulldogs aren’t supposed to have chickens.

I’ve never heard anything like this before, and my wife is terrified now to give him anything with chicken in it.

can my french bulldog eat chicken and hair loss

He’s got spots we’re treating with ivermectin, which tested positive for mites. It looked like little tardigrades with alligator tails under the microscope. She thinks it’s contributing to his hair loss


Very Concerned “Stitch” Mom

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 6 months ago

Answer for Can My French Bulldog Puppy Eat Chicken

Dear “Stich” mom and dad

Concerning the question of whether French Bulldog puppies can consume chicken, the answer is “yes.

You need not be overly worried; there is no cause for alarm if he consumes dog food containing chicken.

is chickn food but for my french bulldog puppy


The Breeder Told Me Not To Feed My Bulldog Chicken WARNING:

Approach breeder advice or information from online forums with caution. Even if well-intended, the advice may be taken out of context, misinformed, lacking a scientific basis, or, worse, incorrect, potentially leading to unintentional harm if followed.



When receiving medical and nutritional advice, it’s recommended to evaluate each suggestion carefully.

Make sure it is supported by scientific evidence, and it is always a good idea to have those recommendations verified by your veterinarian.

French Bulldog Puppy

Is Chicken Bad for My French Bulldog Puppy?

As highlighted earlier, it’s crucial to approach any medical, dietary, or nutritional advice with caution and within its proper context.

In general, pet food based on chicken can be excellent and safe for your bulldog.

Here is a brief list of its benefits:

  1. A good protein source
  2. Highly digestible
  3. Lean meat
  4. Contain vitamins and minerals
  5. Simple ingredients

Below is more detailed information concerning each item of this list:


Chicken is an excellent protein source; it provides essential amino acids that are crucial for muscle growth, repair, and your bulldog puppy’s overall health.


Chicken, especially white meat, is generally well-digestible for most Frenchie’s.


Overweight bulldogs can benefit from a white, lean chicken as a low-calorie source of protein.


Chicken contains vital nutrients that support various bodily functions. Such as:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Phosphorus,
  • Niacin,


The veterinary medical team frequently suggests boiled chicken with rice as an initial remedy for a bulldog’s upset stomach.

Can My French Bulldog Puppy Eat Chicken FEEDING GUIDELINE:

There are a few simple, common-sense guidelines I recommend

  1. Boiled, Cooked, and Pasteurized: to prevent contaminants and food poisoning, make sure that the food is properly cooked
  2. Boneless: chicken bones can cause GI injuries and perforations
  3. Additives, Spices, and Salt: minimal salt, additives, and spices are preferred
  4. Manufacturer: reputable manufacturer if preferred; keep it simple
  5. Fresh: avoid expired products or products stored in less-than-optimal conditions.
  6. Variety: While chicken can be a great protein source, you can always mix or interchange with other animal-source proteins (fish, beef, lamb, etc)
  7. Portion size: regardless of the protein source, don’t overfeed or underfeed.

Breeder Warning Not to Feed Bulldogs Chicken Myth & Fact

Despite containing inaccuracies and being misleading, some breeders and online forums incorporate valid medical information into their “no chicken” warnings to enhance their credibility.

Bulldogs and French bulldog puppies are indeed more prone to common allergies, including food allergies, compared to other canine breeds.

Among allergic bulldogs, some may specifically be allergic to chicken. In such specific cases, it is advisable to eliminate chicken from their diet. The same approach applies to bulldogs allergic to beef, fish, eggs, or any other protein source.

For such cases, a strict 6–8-week elimination hypoallergenic diet trial is recommended, preferably with a prescription diet based on hydrolyzed or novel protein sources.


Food allergies in dogs often present as skin problems, although they can also lead to gastrointestinal issues.

If your puppy exhibits signs of an unidentified skin condition or GI upset and you suspect a food allergy, I would suggest a 6- to 8-week trial on a hypoallergenic prescription diet as mentioned above. For further information on food allergies in bulldogs, click HERE.

bulldog infected itchy red belly food allergy

French Bulldog Puppy Food Allergy and Chicken

Chicken is a popular protein source in canine diets and rates relatively high in its allergenicity.

The reported causes of food allergies in dogs vary. Some scientific reports and published papers show this percent of allergen reactivity:

  •  beef (34%)
  • chicken (17%)
  • lamb (15%)
  • wheat (14%).
  • other:
    • soybean
    • milk
    • eggs
    • corn
    • walnuts,


Relevant cross-reactions include those between

  • fish and chicken
  • duck, turkey, and chicken (poultry)
  • lamb and beef (non-chicken-related)

Breeder Warning Not to Feed Bulldogs Chicken PERSONAL BIASES

Unfortunately, breeders at times offer medical and nutritional advice based on their personal biases, misinformation, and anecdotal evidence.

None of those have scientific backing and should be taken with a grain of salt till proven otherwise 

Answer for Can My French Bulldog Puppy Eat Chicken? RULE OF THUMB

Your bulldog, much like you, is one of his kind, an individual, and unique.

That is why it is very possible that in this particular case, “Stich” may be sensitive, allergic, experience itching, or violently vomit on the breeder’s recommended diet, yet thrive on a chicken-based one.

What suits one bulldog may not necessarily be suitable for another.

Answer to French Bulldog Puppy and Hair Loss on Ivermectin

Regarding the skin bug and the hair loss second part of your question, the skin bug you named “little tardigrades with alligator tails” is called Demodex or Red Mite Mange.

bulldog baby bold spot on forehead

To read more about bulldog demodicosis, click HERE

French Bulldog Puppy and IVERMECTIN

Puppy-localized forms of demodecosis usually do not require Ivermectin or any prescription medication.

The mite problem will resolve as the puppy’s immune system matures. For this form of demodicosis, I prefer non-pharmaceutical therapeutics

Bulldog Skin Infection Bundle - Ultimate


Also, keep in mind that overdosage and misuse of ivermectin are dangerous to your pet.

Bulldog Demodex Mite PREVENTIVES:

Last, several flea preventives also help manage and prevent demodex. Most of them have dual-to-quadruple action; using them provides for

  • Flea prevention
  • Demodex prevention and care
  • Intestinal parasites: prevention and care
  • Heartworm prevention.

Those monthly chews or topical applications are safer, easier to manage, and provide more for your $ than your current daily oral ivermectin.

I hope this summary helped remove some of your fears and concerns.

V4B Immune therapeutic supplement french Bulldog puppy

Again, you can refer to my articles that cover these topics:

Best of luck

Dr. Kraemer


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