Itching Rash Painful Skin Boils in French Bulldog

Hello Doctor, I reached out to you on October 6 regarding my 3-year-old French bulldog suffering from extreme rashes and painful boils (with pus & blood) for almost a month now.

I have family in the US and I want them to send me the products after you prescribe the suitable combination. I sent you details and pictures of my dog in my question to you (Oct 6) but I don’t know why it did not get posted here. I am posting the pictures once again.

I tried to locate your email but couldn’t, so I am posting a question here again. I will wait for your reply.Itching Rash Painful Skin Boils in French Bulldog

French Bulldog with Painful Boils Filled with Pus & Blood

My French bulldog (3.5 years old) has been suffering from painful boils filled with pus & blood on his back, stomach, hind legs, neck, and armpits, basically the entire body, for 30 days. He is suffering from chronic itch due to his condition.

The body weight of my dog is 13.5 kg.

Painful Boils Filled with Pus & Blood RX

I have been administering Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride Tablet IP 25mg every day (1/2 tablet each morning and evening) as advised by my veterinarian. I am attaching his pictures here, along with the hypoallergenic feed that I’m giving him.

Please help me, its so difficult to see this little baby in so much pain.


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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 3 years ago

Answer for Itching Rash Painful Skin Boils in French Bulldog

From the photo, it looks like the distribution includes your French bulldog’s entire trunk.

Q: I am missing photos of his belly, inguinal area, and ears.

Q: How long has he been on the hydrolyzed protein diet?

Q: Has he been given other food or treats during that trial period?

Q: Are you treating him with topicals or oral treatment other than the hydroxyzine and Rx diet?

Bulldog Skin Boils Vs Hives

Based on the photos you provided, the bumpy skin looks more like hives than boils. I am not sure if they are puss-filled lesions (i.e., deep pyoderma).

TIP: A simple cytology will help determine if those are puss-filled boils or sterile allergic reactions.

Bulldog Painfull Skin Boils ANTI HISTAMINES

Hydroxyzine is okay to use; unfortunately, in contrast to humans, it is not very effective for itch control in bulldogs and French bulldogs.

It’s a first-generation antihistamine, it is usually safe and might help sedate your itching pet, thus, it’s best given before bedtime.

Answer for Itching Rash, and Painful Skin Boils in French Bulldog R/O:

ALLERGIES: Most likely a type of allergy with a secondary infection

INFECTION: bacteria and yeast


FUNGI: Others like mites and dermatophytes (ringworm)



Answer for Itching Painful Bulldog Skin Boils: DIAGNOSIS

  • SKIN SCRAPE: Skin Scrape to r/o demodex and manage
  • CYTOLOGY: to check for bacteria (cocci/staph vs rods/gram neg) and yeast buds
  • BACTERIA CULTURE: Culture if he does not respond to symptomatic treatment (non-staph or MRSP)
  • FUNGI CULTURE: to r/o fungi
  • BIOPSY: if nonresponsive to r/c pemphigus, cancer, etc.
  • FOOD TRIALS: to help with food allergy
  • ANTIGEN BLOOD TESTING: to help rule out environmental Allergies

Painful Skin Boils in French Bulldog: TREATMENT:

Our mission is preventive care over RX

Bully Topical therapeutics are usually

  • effective
  • inexpensive,
  • nonprescription,
  • SAFE

Yeasty ear Bully Bundle - Ultimate


Topical bully therapeutics should be used with all bully skin problems.






Your bulldog skin boils might require prescription itch control medication like

  • cytopoint
  • Apoqel
  • short-term steroids
  • cyclosporin,
  • antihistamine


the most common skin bacteria are staph psudointermedius.


MUST DO: Read my articles on

  • Bulldog Food allergy,
  • Atopic itch dermatitis
  • Bulldog Demodex
  • Bulldog Yesty Dermatitis
  • Bulldog Skin Infection
  • Bulldog Pemphigus

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