My French Bulldog Died Under Anesthesia During a Routine Spay Procedure

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Roy-k Staff asked 4 years ago

My French Bulldog Died Under Anesthesia

My French Bulldog Died Under Anesthesia during a routine spay procedure. Hello Dr. Kraemer, I recently lost my 4 month old French bulldog while she went in for a spay procedure. She went into cardiac arrest before being extubated. They used telazol and isoflurane during her procedure. After my bulldog death, I was told these are very high risk for French Bulldogs, but the vet could not tell me the reasons for why these are high risk. Could you please explain this to me? Thank you.

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Roy-k Staff answered 4 years ago

Answer for My French Bulldog Died Under Anesthesia During a Routine Spay Procedure

Answer for My French Bulldog Died Under Anesthesia During a Routine Spay Procedure:

Dear Kasey, I am saddened by your loss, my deep condolences.

Unfortunately, as many of you already know anesthetic-related deaths are more common to bulldogs and French bulldogs than most other breeds. In my opinion, most of those tragic events could be prevented.

I can’t comment on this specific case since I am missing many of the details, but in general, “cardiac arrest” is the blame for death when the real cause is missing. The only help I can offer you and our bulldog community is how to minimize future anesthetic risks and tragic outcomes.

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  1. BULLDOG EXPERIENCED TEAM: Bulldogs and French bulldogs are not like other breeds, you should seek a veterinarian and a veterinary team that is experienced with the breed medical idiosyncrasies and their adverse effects on anesthesia.
  2. BULLDOG PRE OP WORKUP: request pre-anesthesia diagnostic workup, we have mandatory pre-op lab work, ECG,  and blood pressure.  For bulldogs and French bulldogs having soft palate surgery we also require chest/airways radiographs.
  3. BULLDOG AIRWAYS: if your bulldog is showing any evidence of stridor (laryngeal airflow problems like elongated soft palate) it must be repaired during or before any other surgical procedure, not doing so can dramatically increase the chances of post-op extubation catastrophe.
  4.  BULLDOG ANESTHETIC PROTOCOL: To help prevent many of the potential risks I custom-designed a bully brachiocephalic anesthetic protocol that takes to account the breed’s special needs and inherent anesthetic risks.
  5. BULLDOG PRE-OXYGENATION: All our bulldogs and French bulldogs are pre oxygenized with 100% oxygen to improve their ventilation-perfusion and airways oxygen saturation (see photo above).
  6. BULLDOG ANESTHETIC RECOVERY SAFETY: I designed a custom bully recovery protocol since most of the catastrophes happen during that post-op recovery phase
  7. BULLDOG ANESTHESIA MONITORING:  We have extensive anesthetic monitoring that includes the most advanced monitoring devices. In addition, I implemented an anesthesia & recovery monitoring training that  all our nursing team must partake before taking an active role in anesthetic procedures
  8. BULLDOG SEVOFLORAN VS. ISOFLORANE: For inhaling anesthesia, we use only sevoflurane (vs. the isoflurane used on your bulldog), the vapor is much more expensive but the superior safety is worth the extra cost.

There is an inherent risk with any anesthetic procedure especially in bulldogs and French bulldogs, but it can be managed and minimize with experince, traning, breed specilzation and proper monitoring . To learn more read my Bulldog and French Bulldog visit my Bulldog Anesthsia Safty page and Sevo vs Iso Page. 

Most veterinarian have limited experince with the breed and at times do not relize the degree if diffeculity and expertize required especialy as related to sedation and anestesia. As the owner and care taker its important that you to take the time, make the proper inquries, and do your own due deligent.

“An Ounce of PREVENTION Is Worth a Pound of CURE”

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