Stem Cell Therapy For Bulldog Patella Luxation, Grade 2 Question

Dear Dr. Kraemer

Can stem cell therapy be used to treat a grade 2 luxating patella instead of surgery?

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 3 years ago

Answer for Stem Cell Therapy for Bulldog Patella Luxation

Bulldog Medial patella luxation (MPL) is a multi-factorial condition.

Bulldog MPL Abnormalities

The three most common inherent breed patella abnormalities are:

  1. Exceptionally shallow gliding groove
  2. Abnormal tibial patella ligament attachment to the tibia
  3. Short legs with severe abnormal rotation

bulldog medial patella luxation MPL orthopedic exam

Bulldog MPL Luxation Degrees

There are four degrees of patella luxation


This is the mildest form of patella luxation (MPL), occurring when the kneecap pops out only under manual pressure.


Common in French and English bulldogs, MPL second degree is often diagnosed at a young age. In this case, the kneecap pops in and out when the knee is bent and extended, but it can be easily pushed back into place manually.


Third-degree patella luxation is a more severe form that usually necessitates surgical repair. While the medial luxation is permanent, the patella can still be manually pushed back into its normal position within the groove.


This is the most severe type of patella luxation. Bulldogs with MPL fourth-degree exhibit difficulty walking on the affected leg and experience pain. Surgery and repair are typically required to address this serious condition.

severe 4th degree MPL patella luxation in bulldog

Bulldog MPL Arthritis and Pain

Second-degree patella luxation can become third- or even fourth-degree over time, leading to damaged cartilage and bone.
Advanced MPL is usually associated with an inflammatory reaction that leads to intraarticular synovial production (joint fluid) and pain (“Bulldog Arthritis“).
bulldog patella luxation MPL with joint effusion and bone spears

Answer for Stem Cell Therapy for Bulldog Patella Luxation / CRYOBANKING

Stem cell therapy with cryobanking,  PRP, tPEMT, and Cold Laser therapies are some of the new-age pain management alternatives now available at selected veterinary hospitals. T

hose nonpharmaceutical will not fix your bulldog and French bulldog MPL biomechanical problems; thus, it’s not going to entirely replace surgery. What it will provide is reduced inflammation, pain relief, and some repair of the damaged, worn-down bone and cartilage.

I usually recommend stem cell therapy as an add-on to surgery combined with bully joint therapeutic supplements

It will also allow me to treat the contralateral joint and store a few treatments in the cryobank for future problems. At times, I will recommend it to bulldogs and French bulldogs who are not good candidates for surgery and are at high anesthesia risk.

Bulldog and French Bulldog MPL Prevent & Treat

Other anti-arthritic and pain management strategies are:

  2. MODIFIED ACTIVITIES: Avoiding stairs and activities that involve acute weight loading, twisting, and turning

therapeutic joint supplement for bulldogs MPL





bulldog joints and MPL therapeutic supplements


Pain relief and anti-inflammatory RX (NSAID, Gabapentin)

Best of luck
Dr. Kraemer Vet4Bulldog


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