English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma

Dear Dr. Kraemer my main question is: can his cysts/webs be removed?

Dr. Gamber does not have experience with removing them or if this is even an option. I have no experience if his webs are removed if he struggles to walk because it is part of his anatomy. Any advice if these can be removed would be so greatly appreciated, he is miserable and I just want him out of pain.

English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma RX:

Here are the medication list he is on:

  • Trazodone 150mg – 1 tab bid
  • Cetirizine 10mg – 3 tabs sid
  • Thyro-tab 0.5mg – 1 & 1/2 tab bid
  • Cosequin ds – 3 caps a day
  • Duralactin – 1 tab bid
  • Gabapentin 300mg – 1 cap bid
  • Niacinamide 500mg – 1/2 tab bid
  • Doxy 100mg – 1 & 1/2 tab bid,
  • Tramadol if he is limping from his cysts and that dosing is 2 tabs bid
  • SilVet MC Miconazole/Chlorhexidine Shampoo (10 min. soak) – use once a week on paws, chins, armpits, underbelly, vetraseb medicated shampoo (10 min. soak) – use once a week on body
  • Miconahex + Triz Mousse – use daily on paws before bed
  • Silvet CC Antiseptic Wipes – use daily on paws before bed
  • Optimmune (Cyclosporin Opth Oint) – twice a week to both eyes
  • Zymox Ear Cleanser – use once a week after bathing
  • Ketohex Wipes – use on wrinkles on face once a week
  • Cytopoint inj – every 4-8 weeks
  • C.E.T Enzymatic Tooth Paste Vanilla-Mint – once a week, I use epsom salt soakings (5 min. each time) when his cysts flares up,

English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma RX HYPOALLERGENIC DIET:

I am giving him Hills Prescription D/D duck dry and wet (currently having to feed him Royal Canin Prescription Duck canned because the Hills wet has been on backorder for months) – he gets nothing else, notable foods, no treats, etc. just this food only.English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma rapture

FLEA:He also gets either Simparica Trio monthly or Bravecto and Sentinel depending on what stock I have at home.

English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma ANTIBIOTICS

In the most recent C & S we tried Zeniquin this round as the cephalexin and baytril were no longer working. We actually thought we may be dealing with MRSA and that is why we did a C & S. The Zeniquin cleared up his paws but as soon as the a/b was finished he flared up and his current state is what is in the photos.

I have tried cryosurgery in the past and it was just scar tissue, so I did not do anything further at that time.

English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma ANTI INFLAMMATORY & ANALGESICS

I am nervous to try Apoquel because of the side effects. He has been on pred and temaril-p in the past but he is extremely sensitive and urinates every 20 min. so that is not really an option. I have also tried fish oils and he is allergic and flares up a couple of days after starting.

-I really just do not know what is available at this stage, but I am curious if these can be removed.


I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your time more than you know. Thank you so much!


Jillian and Knack


P.S. Below is a video of his paws, but I have never done this before, so not sure if it will work or not.

1 Answers
Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 3 years ago

Answer for English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma

Answer for English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma: “can my bulldog webbing be removed surgically?”

WARNING: Yes it can be removed, the surgery is called “fusion podoplasty”. But I DON RECOMEND IT.

Bulldog interdigital cysts

Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma WARNING

Bulldog interdigital “fusion podoplasty” surgery should only be done as a last resort option and only by an experienced surgeon who has done those successfully more than once.

WARNING: Please don’t have your local veterinarian operate or probe interdigital cysts.


You are risking an infection and trauma to the surrounding tissue, it will only compound the existing problem

Answer for English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma: Dr. Kraemer’s RECOMMENDATION

The short answer is, I don’t recommend doing it!  it’s a long way to recovery with potential complications. I prefer the nonsurgical approach.

Your bulldog might end up worse after surgery than he was pre-surgically

Post-operative care is very labor-intensive, including extensive wound care and bandage replacement.

Keep in mind that it will be time-consuming and expensive.


You are a dedicated owner, and most of what you have done so far is correct. You can do some fine-tuning; read my article on that topic.

Answer for English Bulldog Interdigital Cyst Surgery Dilemma DEFINITION: 

Note: the name “bulldog interdigital cyst,” though commonly used (including by myself since it is how bulldog owners know it), is incorrect.

The medical term for this condition is “bulldog interdigital folliculitis/furunculosis.”. There is rarely a true cyst; the “cystic,” like a blister or red bump, is an inflammatory reaction to an offensive object or condition rather than a cyst.

Secondary infection is common when the blister raptures.

bulldog infected interdigital cyst

Answer for English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma MULTIFACTORIAL CAUSE

Bulldog interdigital cysts are multifactorial problems and thus require a multimodal management approach

The most common underlying cause is abnormal hair growth due to the breed’s

  1. excessive webbing
  2. excessive skin folds
  3. heavyweight
  4. abnormal anatomical confirmation
  5. traumatic implantation
  6. allergies.Answer for English Bulldog Interdigital Cysts Surgery Dilemma

Answer for English Bulldog Interdigital Webbing Surgery Dilemma: PREVENT & TREAT

bulldog interdigital cysts before stem cell therapy

bulldog interdigital cysts after stem cell therapy


Weight loss can help. Those dogs are in pain and might be reluctant to walk; therefore, a reduced-calorie diet is critical.


Soaking in Epsom salt mixed with



This includes flea prevention, itch control, immunotherapy, and topical bully therapeutics


RX: Analgesics, NSAID

Therapeutic Supplements


  • Short-term steroid (prednisone)



  • Laser
  • Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy
  • Stem cell therapy


RX prescription

Bully Therapeutics Topicals

Interdigital Cyst Bundle - Ultimate


Many of the new flea preventives can also help control Demodex like:

  • Nexgard
  • Bravecto
  • Simparica trio

Also, oral Ivermectin

To learn more about bully interdigital cysts, see Dr. Kraemer’s full article HERE

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